The Triple Dial Lens iPhone Case

Most owners of the iPhone like its easy to use camera, but sometimes not everyone wants to just social network their new images, but for a pro look, the iPhone lacks a certain edge. Bring on the iPhone Lens Dial case from Photojojo; this turns the iPhone into a sophisticated piece of equipment with the capability of taking Wide Angle, Fisheye, and Telephoto images, now you are talking!

These are the features and specs for the iPhone Lens Dial case;

That must be why The iPhone Lens Dial caught our EYE (heh). It looks just like a Phoropter, that doohickey the doc uses to test our sight!

The iPhone Lens Dial boasts three optical-quality coated glass lenses: Wide Angle, Fisheye, and Telephoto. All wrapped up in a slim aircraft-grade aluminium jacket equipped with two tripod mounts (for portrait or landscape shots).

To switch between lenses just rotate the disc! Best part: the lenses never leave your phone, so they’re always at the ready.

Priced at $249 in the US or £195 in the UK

Source [Geeky Gadgets]