Bluetooth powered rear view mirror

This is called the Complete Car Bluetooth rear view mirror kit and that is because, it has a Touchscreen, GPS, DVR, Wireless Camera, and even a Media Player built it. Sure, it is going to be a slight distraction but most drivers are glancing at the rear view mirror all the time anyhow, it’s just that with this one there is more to look at and that could be the problem!

These are the features for the Complete Car Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Kit;

The power of Bluetooth: Phone calls are made safe and easy with this Bluetooth Rearview Mirror. Just connect your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone to the device and you can talk directly to others with the mic and listen through the speakers. Finally, a way to keep your eye on the road without having to cut off cell phone communications!

Parking and reversing made easy: Even more convenience is added with the wireless rearview camera, which allows you to see anything directly behind your vehicle. No more blind spots and no accidentally parking into objects.

Powerful and fast GPS: Say hello to accurate and reliable GPS navigation with this Bluetooth Rearview Mirror’s advanced SiRF Atlas VI chip. Along with a Centrality Atlas 4 Dual-Core 500 MHz processor, you have fast and up-to-date directions available at your fingertips.

Safe and conveniently placed: Designed with your safety in mind, this Rearview Mirror makes everything available directly in front of you, which means you can keep your eye on the road while tracking your destination. A DVR is also included so you can record what happens inside (and outside) the car, making it useful as video evidence in case of traffic accidents.

Entertainment while you wait: Stuck in traffic, waiting to pick up your kid from school, or just plain bored in the car? Well this handy Rearview Mirror has something for everyone and includes high resolution video playback, speakers for music playback, and plenty of entertaining touchscreen games!

Prices start at around $200 in the US or £130 in the UK

Source [Gizmag]