Contact Lenses Could Display Emails & Text

A team of researchers at the Washington University are working on the next generation of contact lens; these are not like any other lens seen before because they will be full of electronics. However, currently the prototypes can only be powered wirelessly by a battery that has to be close by!

Yet, once installed these contacts will display emails, text messages and other images such as health status etc. this is real science fiction being brought to life in the real world and it does not seem to be that far off from being ready for consumers either.

According to the lead researcher Professor Babak Parviz writing in the Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, he said;

“Some day maybe we’ll have full-fledged streaming in your contact lens. If we can make them as comfortable as normal contact lenses, you don’t feel you’re wearing them. In a sense, it’s the ultimate electronic gear that is totally unnoticeable.”

Source [BBC]