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23rd November 2011

Electronic Scales and iPod Docking Station

It is not that often that you get to see a docking station and kitchen scales combined. However, here it is and so we simply have to ask ourselves why? The idea is that the iPod can provide music, conversation rates and recipes, while the electronic scales do all of the hard work! It is certainly different.

Here are the details for the ADE Joy Electronic Kitchen Scale with iPod Station;

Multi-tasking digital kitchen scale with a licensed iPod docking/charging station; compatible with all current iPods (not included)

Offers results in pounds, fluid ounces, or grams; weighs dry and liquid ingredients in increments of .04 ounces / 1 gram

Includes an add-and-weigh (tare) function; includes battery and overload indicators, and an automatic shut off to preserve battery

Speaker located in base; protective cover for iPod station is included

Powered by one CR 2043 lithium battery; one battery comes included

Priced at around $60 or £44

Source [Geek Alerts]

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