Mario Is Back With A Cool Air Hockey game

You can tell that there is a new Mario game on the market. This is because of all the new games and toys that are arriving on the scene, most of which appear to have nothing to do with Mario 3D Land at all. Anyway, this is the new Super Mario Bros Air Hockey game, but it uses a spinning top and turtle shells to replace the traditional puck and cups. This is going to be noising and cause plenty of arguments, great we cannot wait!

These are the details for the cool Super Mario Bros Turtle Air Hockey game;

Remember how Mario would jump on top of the turtle shells in the game and kick them to send them sliding across the screen?? Well, now you can recreate the greatness with your very own Koopa Troopa shell! Add a couple of air hockey pushers and you’ve got yourself a great game of air hockey–Super Mario style!!

Priced at around $15 (£9)

Source [Technabob]