Show The Time In 8 Bit Style

Here is a cool looking 8 Bit pixel style watch, it is a bit plain and to the point but offers the wearer and interesting watch to wear. It is a bit of a conversation starter too because people are going want to know what it’s all about. Yet this show stopper is just a simple yet very attractive watch.

These are the details for the brilliant Icon Watch;

Creating a watch that’s as simple as it is inspired, the designers of the Icon Watch have taken a titchy computer graphic and brought it ticking and screaming into the real world. Well, maybe not screaming. However, the pixellated looks will certainly grab people’s attention (and a few knowing nods of approval). It is the perfect tongue-in-cheek timepiece for tech geeks and anyone old enough to remember 8-bit gaming.

The Icon watch is available in white or black and is priced at £44.99 in the UK or $70 in the US

Source [Firebox]