Some Apple iOS 5 Users Lose Wi-Fi

If there is a single thing that really spoils your day, week or month! It is losing wireless connectivity, this is normal day to day living in the wireless world especially if you are trying connecting while on the move, but for some Apple users it makes no difference. They could be sitting next to a router and yet connecting it is just impossible. Is this a mere coincidence or is there a real issue occurring within the iOS 5 software?

The recent iOS 5 upgrade is being blamed by many users experiencing this issue or a seriously low signal, either way makes connecting to the internet a hassle. It seems that the problem is spread right across the range of Apple devices from the iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S, the iPad and it could even be affecting an upgraded iPod Touch too. There has been nothing from Apple yet, but users are starting to air their concerns online.

Source [Engadget]