23rd November 2011

The First Eye Controlled Arcade Game

It seems that science fiction, but it is not, because here is an arcade game of Asteroids that has not controllers or buttons at all. Instead, the player stands in front of the display and eye tacking software does the rest, it is nothing like the Wii or Kinect either, because even those games require movement to work. This is a real exciting new feature and we can only imagine where this is going!

This is what the people behind the Tobii EyeAsteroids game has to say about game;

Using your eyes as a game controller is an almost magical experience. It is as if the game can read your mind, creating the sensation of having supernatural powers. Using your eyes to direct attention is fundamental in human interaction. Using your eyes to interact with games, on the other hand, is completely new. With gaze interaction, the game understands your gaze the same way people around you do, taking immersion and game intensity to a new level.

Source [DVice]

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