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23rd November 2011

The Vagabond Mobile Safe House Device

As part of the Bustler annual Zombie Safe House Design Competition, comes the Vagabond Mobile Safe House Device! It is like a hard shell and igloo crossover. It can provide shelter for up to two people; it comes with everything needed to survive until the danger has passed. It comes with a reflective photovoltaic surface, portable, water filtration, wind-powered ventilation system and an iPhone compatible tracking unit, hope fully the phone networks stay up and running for a while!

This what the winning designer, Austin Fleming has to say about the design and use;

In the end who will save mankind from the Zombie Apocalypse? It is our belief that artists, designers, and architects will need to weigh in heavily to provide Safe Houses that can stand an assault on civilization. Don’t be caught unprepared, sign up today and register for the 2011 Zombie Safe House Competition, you may be our last hope.

Source [Nerd Approved]



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