The Innovative WAKAWAKA charger and lamp

When it comes to chargers and lights, solar power still does not cut it; there just is not enough sun light in the day in order to charge up anything worthwhile. However, the Wakawaka is different; it claims to be able to provide light or charge up batteries from other devices too. However, there is an important point to this device and that is this device is meant for third world countries where they have no mains power, imagine how something as simple as this could change the life of somebody in the third world. Now that is what makes this project interesting.

These are the details for the cool solar LED lamp called ‘WAKAWAKA’;

WAKAWAKA is a solar LED lighting concept. No, not just a solar lamp, there’s lot’s more to this than meets the eye, accessories, social aspects, but you need to know a little bit of background first. If you didn´t check out the INTROMOVIE check out this 2 minute info and you know what you need to know.

This is a device waiting at the Kickstarter site, looking for funding that starts from $1 and rises all the way to $1,000.

Source [My X News]