The Trailer For A New TV Show Geek Love

Check Geek Love, it’s a two part documentary that follows the exploits of one Ryan Giltch, he runs Sci-Fi Speed Dating, it should come as no surprise that he provides speed dating events for Nerds and Geeks! Needless to say, there are some interesting characters in the show, most of them wondering why they have not met their perfect match! Let’s see if Ryan can help them out, with a speed dating event at the New York Comic Con, where else? The series starts on the 18th December on TLC, unfortunately there is no news as to if or when it will get to the UK.

These are the details on this funny video covering Dating and the Nerd;

Glitch sets up speed dating at events like Comic-Con, bringing like-minded people together to embrace their quirkiness and find love. When comic and sci-fi fans can’t find someone to share their passion, they turn to Glitch. Viewers will get an insider’s look at the stories behind the daters and witness their journey throughout the speed dating session at New York’s Comic-Con.

Source [Geeks Are Sexy]