Vivitar Offers 3D Recording For under £64

It is amazing how the cost of 3D technology has fallen over recent years and this camcorder from Vivitar is actual proof! The DVR 790 3D camcorder is a 5.1 mega pixel device, with 16 Mb of built in memory, which can be increased up to 32 Gb if the consumer buys a separate microSD card. However, more importantly, this is a camera that is easy to use and comes in six colour choices too!

Here are the features for the Vivitar DVR 790 3D HD Camcorder;

Capture life in beautiful 3D, with the DVR 790 3D Camcorder! With a 5.1 Mega pixel resolution and 4x Digital Zoom, you’ll never miss a moment. The DVR 790 has a 2.7″ preview screen for easy viewing, and HDMI capability for playback on your big screen television. The DVR 790 is the perfect companion for those on the go.

Priced at £64 in the UK and $99 in the US

Source [Engadget]