Currys Accidently Price The Samsung Netbook At £22

Today is “Black Friday” in the US, it is the after Thanksgiving where retailers start their sales and consumers head off to the stores for some bargains! Here in the UK, we do not have anything like that, although some consumers on the website of electrical store Currys could easily be forgiven in thinking that mega price reductions have come to the UK at last.

The site listed a Samsung 10.1 inch Netbook at £22! Oh yes please, I’ll take ten of those babies! However, naturally, this is wrong and the actual price of the netbook is £229, back to the drawing board for prezzies now I suppose!

According to a spokesperson from the electrical giant, they told the media;

“It is obviously a genuine mistake. Unfortunately human error does occur. Somebody’s got fat finger syndrome,”

Clearly not, fat finger syndrome, because that would have meant that there would have been more figures in the price, not less!

Source [Telegraph]