From Pizza Bag to Manbag

These bags are not actual pizza courier bags, but have the appearance of this type of bag that is familiar around the world; in fact, each bag has a different international flavour with London, Havana, New York and Moscow being used as the central design feature. They have a flap that can be locked down and therefore this makes them suitable for carrying a tablet device or netbook.

Here are the details for this interesting pizza bag manbag design;

Styled after the original courier bags used to deliver pizza in the early days (remember them?) of home delivery, each of these classic pizza bags celebrates a different international destination (for example, London, Havana, New York and Moscow) and combines laser cutting, fabric layering, embroidery and screen printing for a really smart attention-getting bag-about-town.

Priced at £10 ($14)

Source [Boys Stuff]