Quantas Twitter Competition Hits Turbulence

The Australian airline Quantas has had its problems recently with strikes and stranded passengers, so when the company had the great idea of running a competition on the micro blogging site Twitter offering Quantas gift packs for the best answers for their “dream luxury in-flight experience”, Quantas got more than they bargained for.

Here is a sample of some of the tweet entries to the #QantasLuxury competition;

“Qantas Luxury means sipping champagne on your corporate jet while grounding the entire airline, country, customers & staff,”

“Qantas Luxury is getting my flight refund back after waiting almost a month,”

“more than 3mins notice that the whole airline is on strike”

However still the optimist, Quantas issued a tweet of their own;

“At this rate our #QantasLuxury competition is going to take years to judge”

It seems that sometimes Twitter can be bad for business; of course, it depends on how the business is operating.

Source [BBC]