Questli The Treasure Hunting App

Here is an app that uses GPS and other stuff that we have totally seen before being used in other apps, but this Questli does have something that is slightly interesting, the players can win cash, yes real cash! Apparently. Questli looks like a sort of treasure hunt game, where groups sign up and complete the quest, this can be played for fun or money, where the winner gets 70% and the person who created the quest gets 15%, I wonder what happens the other 15%! Anyway, 15% for creating a quest sounds pretty interesting!

These are the details on the interesting Questli iPhone Game;

In Questli, everything is about QUESTS, which consist of several TASKS. To complete a Quest you need to answer all questions in the Tasks.

There are two types of Quests: WEB QUESTS – contain general questions and may be completed from anywhere. LOCAL QUESTS – contain location-based questions and you would need to go somewhere to complete them.

Each Quest may also be: SINGLE PLAYER – These quests can be played at any time by yourself. COMPETITION – By signing up with others you all will start playing simultaneously. Whoever gets to the end first, wins. This type of Quest may be played for real money. You pay a fee to participate and if you win, you will get 70% of all the raised amount of money. 15% will go to the person who made the Quest.

This is a free app downloadable from iTunes

Source [Technabob]