Sony Launches The Tablet P In The UK

We see the cool folding tablet from Sony released in Japan a few weeks ago and now it seems that this smart looking device is available in the UK too! According the Sony UK website the device is available from local Sony Centres, but it is worth checking first in certain areas.

These are some of the features for the Sony Tablet P;

Get more done on the go with two 13.9 cm (5.5”) touch screens, 1GB RAM, MicroSD card storage, ultra light and compact design, Wi-Fi and 3G.

There is much more to this device than meets eye, such as these cool features for gamers;

This is the first PlayStation Certified tablet ever, which means you get out-of-the-box gaming with PlayStation favourites Crash Bandicoot and Pinball Heroes, plus the opportunity to download games from the original PlayStation titles online. There are also thousands of Android games to download at Android Market.

Priced at around £500, there is no news on the US launch at the moment

Source [Ubergizmo]