The Smoke Alarm That Sends An SMS

How many times do start off on a journey only to wonder if you had turned off all the electrics and even made sure that the open fire is safe, this must happen to a lot of people at some time. But now with this Firetext smoke detector, if it detects smoke it will sends out a pre-written text message to up four recipients. Obviously, it is not going to replace checking the home before you leave, but it is a little bit of peace of mind!

These are the specs for the Firetext Smoke Alarm;

Photoelectric smoke detection, ideal for smouldering fires

Quad-band GSM

2 year guarantee

Super-loud, 85db at 3m siren

All fixings supplied

Quick-fix mounting plate supplied for easy installation

Insect proof

Smoke detection complies with EN1406, AS3786 and UL217 standard

CE, BSI, SAI Global approved

Low battery warning (audio)

Priced at £90 ($120)

Source [Geeky Gadgets]