This Is Critter Rollers For Android Devices

Here is an interesting game, developed for the owners of Android devices who are desperately waiting for a cool game by independent developers for a change! It is the normal platform style game, with the added bonus of starting off free so that users are able to virtually try before they buy the next level that is only $1 or $2 extra; you cannot complain about that can you?

These are the details for the cool looking Critter Rollers game for Android devices;

Critter Rollers is a platform adventure game controlled by tapping the screen, no frustrating virtual D-Pads, cumbersome tilting or fiddly buttons – just a single tap anywhere on the screen will see your critter nimbly jump or fire from a cannon. The free download contains the first 20 exciting levels over two planets, try for the best times to earn medals and search high and low for hidden treats. Buy extra levels for spare change or become a Critter VIP for all future updates free of charge. Critter Rollers is also fully Ad free for optimum enjoyment.

There are different pricing levels for this app, free, $0.99 and $1.99, available from the Android Market.

Source [Joystiq]