The World’s Smallest Working V12 Engine

One of my favourite cars was a Jaguar XJS 5.3 V12 it was ultra cool, but not because of the way it looked, it was because what was under the bonnet a V12 Jaguar engine. It was quiet yet powerful and now it seems that despite the eco factor, the V12 is making a comeback, great I thought!

It turns out that this V12 is not what I thought, but never the less this is a really cool and accurate looking machine. It took the Spanish engine behind it 1200 hours to complete and now that it is finished the aluminium, bronze and stainless steel, makes this model stand out as a piece of great engineering in action.

Here is a handy translation of the terms used in the video, thanks to Gizmag;

Construimos el ciguenal: Building the crankshaft

Comenzamos el montaje: Begin the installation

Montamos el ciguenal en el bloque: Fit the crankshaft in the block

Cojinete de apoyo del ciguenal: Crankshaft bearing support

Taques: Tappets

Arbol de levas: Camshaft

Cojinete de apoyo del arbol de levas: Camshaft support bearing

Engranajes de la distribucion: Timing gear

Volante: Flywheel

Cilindros: Cylinders

Pistones: Pistons

Comprobamos con un taladro que todo esta en orden: Check with a drill that everything is in order

Culatas: Cylinder heads

Balancines: Rockers

Varillas de balancines: Rocker shafts

Colectores de admision: Intake manifolds

Colectores de escape: Exhaust manifolds

Tapa de distribucion: Distribution cover

Bombas de refrigeracion: Cooling pumps

Enfriador de agua dulce: Fresh water cooler

Filtro de admision: Inlet filter

Pruebas de funcionamiento: Function tests

Camara lenta: Slow motion

Numero de piezas/tornillos: Number of pieces/screws

Horas de trabajo: Hours of work

Source [Gizmag]