USB Powered Music Playing Rice Cooker

This is one of the things that the trading standards would have a field day on, it is the Thanko USB powered Rice Cooker speaker device. So naturally somebody could be thinking rice for lunch at work, how cool would that be?

However, hold on there, let us think about this for a minute! Rice needs boiling water, salt etc and therefore this would mean all sorts of hazards at work, plus it is powered by the USB, which may not even have the power to cook rice. So then this is a simply a USB speaker that looks like a rice cooker.

These are the specs for the Thanko Rice Cooker USB Mini Speaker;

Size: 60 x 50 x 60mm (2.4 x 2 x 2.4″)

Speaker output: 2W (4 Ohms)

Distortion: 0.5%

Signal-to-noise: 89db

Lithium battery voltage: 3.7V

Lithium battery capacity: 300MHA

Battery charge time: DC 5V

Lithium battery charging voltage: 4.2V +0.05V

Includes: USB, mini jack cable

Instructions: Japanese (but self-explanatory)

Priced at £40 in the UK and $63 in the US

Source [Japan Trend Shop]