USB Use Means Increased Threats To Security

In a study conducted on behalf of flash drive maker Kingston Technologies, where a total of 2942 IT staff, 451 from the UK, were asked about USB flash drive security. This is a subject that is coming up more and more with USB flash drives containing data often being lost. Yet in many cases, nobody is aware of this loss.

It was found that 73 per cent of staff have used a USB flash drive without getting any permission or authorisation for their line manager. Further to that 72 per cent actually failed to report the loss of a USB flash drive over the past two years.

According to Larry Ponemon of Ponemon Institute, who actually conducted the study, he said;

“If you lose a laptop you can’t do your work; if you lose a USB stick nobody will ever know about it,” – “To many people a USB stick is just a ubiquitous device.”

Source [IT Pro Portal]