30th November 2011

There Are Fears That Facebook Has Your Data And Will Use It

There is a big fuss about the data that social networking firms such as Facebook have on us, but it is the user that places this online and then allows their friends to link and add their data too. Yet should this give the likes of Facebook the right to store and use this data at a latter point, even if it has been deleted.

This is the problem for the European Commission, Vice President, Viviane Redding, who is calling for a more simpler law regarding this sort of scenario. However, Facebook has its data centres in the US and this is a problem, even though Facebook deny tracking user behaviour and selling data to advertisers, as this is done anonymously!

According to a spokesperson from Facebook;

We are fully compliant with EU law, have our international headquarters in Dublin and unlike some other online services, we do not use tracking technology to serve adverts. Our system only provides advertisers with anonymised and aggregated information for the purpose of targeting ads. We do not share people’s names with an advertiser without a person’s explicit consent and we never sell personal information to third parties

Source [Read Write Web]

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