Cool Looking Glass Keyboard And Mouse

Multi touch is a buzzword around at the moment, it offers so much to the user that it has to be added to almost any new tech and in this case, it has. This is a super stylish looking keyboard and mouse set, these units are multi touch and made from glass, which makes the surface food and drink proof now that is ideal for office, workplace or anywhere else.

These are the details of the interesting glass multi touch keyboard and mouse;

Multi-Touch keyboards and mice are the next generation in computer peripherals. These elegant well made devices are composed of quality tempered glass, a solid metal base, and the finest components. They are designed using simple existing technology and have no moving parts. They have rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries and are completely wireless. The tactile sounds and lighting can be turned on or off per the users’ preference plus they are coffee and doughnut resistant!

Backers have the opportunity to pledge anything from $10 right up to a maximum of $1200 on Kickstarter.

Source [Inquistr]