Make Videos Like A Pro

The cameras that are built into Smartphone’s these days are very good quality and offer the user a great chance to produce a decent video. However, sometimes these videos ends up being a bit shaky and that is just not a good look at all. However, the cool new Mobislyder device is like a mini version of the track used in TV and film, with the aim to steady those videos giving them a pro look.

Mobislyder from Glidetrack on Vimeo.

According to the text the firm uses in its advertising;

mobislyder is the world’s first and only camera slider designed from the ground up, for mobile devices and smaller cameras and camcorders. mobislyder is designed for video-capable mobile phones and compact cameras, smaller consumer camcorders and smaller DSLR cameras. In the same way Glidetrack brought and popularised cinematic moves to a wider audience with the launch of the original Glidetrack, we now want to bring higher value shots to the masses who maybe don’t realise just what a powerful production tool they may already own in their mobile device.

Priced at £99 in the UK and $135 in the US

Source [CNet]