Making Card Payments Is So Square

For many small business and traders accepting payments by card is costly or impossible, which is a bit of a dilemma as most consumers wish to use either credit or debit cards for payment. However Square’s mobile payment system changed all of that. However, no matter how good it is the trader has to make sure the square device is handy and that is where the Square Hoodie comes in. This is a cool silicon case that covers and protects the device; it also has a handy lanyard so the device can be ready for action.

Here are the features and details for the Square card reader;

Square Hoodie is a tough silicon case on a loop for the Square card reader. Square card reader is leading the mobile payments and affordable credit card transaction revolution but we think it is an accessory that gets left behind too often. It is a small device that should be with you, the doer and starter, because we you never know when a payment opportunity is going to hit. Square Hoodie solves this by protecting your Square card reader with durable silicon, keeping lint and debris out and card payments smooth.

Priced from $15 on the Kickstarter site, more if you wish to become backer.

Source [Technabob]