Norfolk Apple Employee Sacked For Facebook Comments

Apple have been told that they were within their rights to sack an employee at the Apple Store, in Chapelfields, Norwich for the posts that placed on his Facebook page.

This is a sample of the posts that Samuel Crisp posted on his Facebook page;

‘F***ed up my time zone for the third time in a week and woke me up at 3am? JOY!!’

‘Tomorrow is another day. That you’ll never forget.’ He posted: ‘Tomorrow’s just another day that hopefully I will forget.’

Apparently, another Apple colleague and Facebook friend told the boss of the store and Crisp was suspended and then fired!

According the tribunal panel, they said that;

‘We take into account their position that the Facebook posts were not truly private and could in fact have been forwarded very easily with the claimant having no control over this process.’

Source [Metro]