1st December 2011

Wi-Fi And Laptop Use Boils Your Sperm

This is an ideal situation if you do not want to have kids any time soon, but for anyone thinking about starting a family this could be the time to put the laptop on a table. This is because recent research has found that a laptop using a Wi-Fi connection produces the same sort of EM Radiation as a mobile phone and some tests showed that sperm stopped moving and could even suffer DNA damage too! Obviously, this is not a clean cut piece of research, but it is better to be on the safe side rather than being sorry later on.

According to the Lead researcher Conrado Avendano, from Nascentis Medicina Reproductiva in Cordoba;

‘Our data suggest that the use of a laptop computer wirelessly connected to the internet and positioned near the male reproductive organs may decrease human sperm quality.

He went on to say that;

‘At present we do not know whether this effect is induced by all laptop computers connected by Wi-Fi to the internet or what use conditions heighten this effect.’

Source [Hot Hardware]

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