2nd December 2011

Julian Assange Tells Smartphone And Gmail Users They’re Screwed

At a meeting of privacy campaigners chaired by the one and only Julian Assange, the media were asked by the man himself;

“Who here has an iPhone, who has a BlackBerry, who uses Gmail?”

He continued by saying;

“Well you’re all screwed,”

Then he stated;

“The reality is that intelligence operations are selling right now mass surveillance systems for all those products”.

This is all part of the latest batch of documents being released by WikiLeaks, these covers details on the international surveillance industry that cover a hundred and sixty firms in twenty five countries.

There is a worrying claim, and that is the documents claim that not only can new software read emails and texts sent from a device, it also allows them to be altered or replaced with new text! Now that is scary!

Source [The Register]

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