St Pancras Gets A 38ft Lego Christmas Tree

One of London’s busiest railway stations has switched the lights on its Christmas tree, nothing unusual about that! Except that the tree is made from 600,000 Lego bricks and stands 38 feet tall, there are even a hundred baubles on the tree that are also made from Lego. The build took two months to complete and then six hours to install at the station during the night!

According to Bright Bricks who designed and built the Christmas tree;

Switch on occurred at 6.30pm and was carried out by the Nolan sisters who were entertaining the crowd along with the cast of the Peter Pan pantomime from the local theatre, dancers and a steel band.  It was great fun, packed out with people and everyone had a good time.  If you were there, thanks for coming along, if you were not, get down there and see it during December.

Source [London Insider]