2nd December 2011

Tetra Shed Offers A Space Of Your Own

This is the cool Tetra Shed that offers a bit of privacy in an otherwise open world. It has been designed by David Ajasa-Adekunle; it is made from a wood type material, comes in a choice of colour and inside there is storage, lighting and desk space!

These are the details on these cool cubicles from Tetra Shed;

Clusters of up to six modules have primarily been designed as additional work, rest and play space for homes. Larger tessellations can be used for a range of applications such as classrooms, exhibition space, corporate events, tourism & leisure facilities and retail space. Designed to exceed the building regulations, tetra shed is suitable for permanent year-round use.

The Tetra Shed goes on sale in 2012, when the price will be announced.

Source [Coolest Gadgets]

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