The Qbo Robot Likes What He See’s

This would appear to be proof that the makers of the Qbo robot have built in some clever recognition software, well that is what we are hoping because the only other alternative is that this robot has become aware and that just cannot be a good thing, can it?

Anyway, what the team have done here, is place the robot in front of a mirror and then gauge the reaction. This video is the result of the experiment and Qbo appears to be quite calm about its looks and all, which was probably not the sort of response that we expected, but it is still interesting all the same!

Here are some details on Qbo from his blog or the corporate blog so to speak;

Qbo has several stored answers and behaviours in an internal knowledge base, that we upgrade as the projects evolves, to make questions or orders to Qbo such as “What it this? Or “Do this”. Qbo interprets the object “Myself” as an an ordinary object, for which it has special answers in its internal knowledge base such as “Woah. I’m learning myself” or “Oh. This is me. Nice”. Qbo selects its reflection in the mirror in the image that he sees using the stereoscopic vision, and one of our engineers interacts (speaks) to him so that Qbo can learn to recognize himself as another object.

Source [Technabob]