Who Are The Top Google Adsense Earners Of 2011

When I look at my Google Adsense account I think, does anyone actually make any money at all here, well apparently, there are some folks who are literally cashing in with Google Adsense and the top five earners just have one site running, sure, these are huge sites but it is food for thought.

These are the top five big guns when it comes to Google Adsense earnings;

Markus Frind from PlentyOfFish.com $300,000 per month

Kevin Rose from Digg.com $250,000 per month

Jeremy Schoemaker $140,000 per month

Jason Calacanis from Weblogs, Inc. $120,000 per month

David Miles Jr. & Kato Leonard FreeWebLayouts.net $100,000 per month

Source [Kill Ur Time]