Facebook Says There Is No Effin Village In Ireland

The trouble with automated sites, especially when it comes to names and addresses is that sometimes somebody who lives in an unusual named place or has a strange name, often finds that they are unable to register. This is a problem facing the residents in the Irish village of Effin, yes, it does exist, but Facebook will not allow the residents to use their home addresses, instead they are offered all sorts of alternatives many of which are not even in Ireland.

According to Ann Marie Kennedy, who was born in the village, said;

“I would like to be able to put Effin on my profile page and so would many other Effin people around the world to proudly say that they are from Effin, County Limerick, but it won’t recognise that.

“It keeps coming up as Effingham, Illinois, or Effingham, New Hampshire, and it gives suggestions of other places.

“It will recognise Limerick but I’m not from Limerick city, I’m from Effin. I’m a proud Effinwoman. And I always will be an Effinwoman.”

Source [The Sun]