The After Life Project Turns Bodies Into Batteries

Many people believe that there is an afterlife, but some think that is merely a way of dealing with death! Whatever the case maybe, it seems that we are hardly going to know about until it is too late! However, UK based designers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau have come up with a way of actually creating an afterlife of sorts! They believed that they can easily convert the human body into microbial fuel cells, yes batteries!

Afterlife from Auger-Loizeau on Vimeo.

They are using a specially designed coffin for the purpose that collects the dead bodies chemicals through a series of drains! These bodily chemicals are then stored in batteries that carry the deceased’s name and details. These batteries can then be used by family members etc, it’s a bit morbid, but it offers family and friends something different to remember the deceased by.

These are the details for the strangely interesting Afterlife project;

The service harnesses the chemical potential of the body that would otherwise be assimilated into the natural eco-system. A modified coffin utilizes the biomass potential of the body, channelling this resource into a microbial-fuel cell housed underneath to charge dry-cell batteries via a capacitor bank. From a metaphysical perspective, the Afterlife project offers tangible proof of life after death. From the perspective of someone faced with their own mortality and for the individual going through the mourning process, utilization of the Afterlife battery in an evocative product offers psychological and emotional benefit.

Source [Gajitz]