What Makes These Strange Footprints In The Sand?

Whenever you see footprints in the sand, mud or snow, do try to imagine what made these footprints? Well you are probably not the only one and in any case, it seems that those footprints may not even be what you suspect after all! This is a cool new trend from Japan called Ashiato Animal Footprint Kids Sandals, they are wooden children’s footwear that come with a choice of five different animal type footprints on the bottom, it’s enough to fool anyone!

These are details for the Ashiato Animal Footprint Kids Sandals;

Designs: monkey (orange), tyrannosaurus (turquoise), owl (yellow), cat (pink), gecko (blue)

Size: XS, S, M or L, XS: 80 x 160 mm (3.1 x 6.3″), S: 90 x 180 mm (3.5 x 7.1″), M: 100 x 200 mm (3.9 x 7.9″) and L: 110 x 220 mm (4.3 x 8.7″)

Material: pine, rubber (strap)

Priced at $61 in the US and £40 in the UK

Source [Japan Trend Shop]