You Will Either Love Or Hate This Marmite Chocolate

There are lots of products that create an instant reaction and Marmite is just one of them, its taste and smell can be terrible to some people and heaven to others, either way it gets people talking and that cannot be a bad thing in this day and age. Therefore, Marmite and chocolate have got together and despite there only being around two per cent Marmite in each bar, the taste is said to be subtle and unlike anything you have ever tasted before! Well that should go without saying.

These are the details on the very strange Marmite Chocolate;

Warning: Contains milk, soya, celery and may contain traces of nuts

Ingredients: Milk chocolate (Sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soya lecithins; flavouring: natural vanilla), Marmite flavouring (Yeast extract, lactose, salt, sugar, citric acid, vegetable oil (rapeseed), onion powder, garlic powder, flavouring (contains celery), Marmite extract).

Product Features: You will either love it or hate it! 2 x 100g bars, 98% Milk chocolate and 2% Marmite flavour

Dimensions: Each bar measures approximately 19 cm (H) x 8.5 cm (W) x 1 cm (D)

Priced at £6.99 in the UK and $11 in the US

Source [Firefox]