Survey Says That UK Consumers Love Shopping Online

The High St could be having an even more difficult time as we head into the prime shopping period up to Christmas. A survey conducted by KPMG has found that seventy seven per cent of British shoppers prefer to buy goods online, compared with sixty five per cent around the world. The good news for the High St, is that these figures only relate to Books, CD’s, DVD’s and Video Games, so it seems that when it comes to other products and services the UK consumer is not to keen on purchasing online.

According to Tudor Aw, who is KPMG’s European head of technology, he said;

“From buying goods on their mobile phones to keeping up with friends on social networks, consumers are increasingly reliant on a range of technologies that perform important – yet often overlapping – tasks. This new ‘converged lifestyle’ will have huge implication for retailers.”

Source [BBC]