This Is Toyotas Idea Of A Future Car

As far as concept cars go, they very rarely make it to road, but there is something interesting about Toyotas Fun Vii, this is a car that almost thinks that it is Smartphone! However, there is more, much more from augmented reality to touchscreen controls and a body that change colour to fit into its surroundings. Maybe not all of this tech will find it into a new car of today, but at some time, we may get to see some of this cool gear hopefully!

According to the Toyota website, the Fun Vii is;

The ultimate in personalization functions offer the ability to alter the content displayed on the interior and exterior of the Fun-Vii with the same ease as downloading an application.  For instance, the whole vehicle body can be used as a display space, with the body colour and display content changeable at will.  This allows the entire vehicle to function as a terminal for displaying messages or other information.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]