BBC iPlayer Heading To The Xbox Next Year

There was a bit of a surprise when the new Xbox 360 dashboard was rolled out, but Microsoft did say that they were working with the BBC on getting the iPlayer added to the dashboard and now that would appear to be true, as Microsoft have confirmed that the iPlayer will be appear on the Xbox dashboard sometime during 2012.

According to Pav Bhardwaj, who is the Xbox Live Product Manager in the UK he said;

“We’re working with them now to make sure it’s a really compelling, strong application. They’ve got amazing content. Everybody loves the BBC. So we want to make sure what we deliver is really really good.”

“In 2012 we’ll be announcing more on what that application is and the details of it. But it will be free. As long as you’re connected to the internet it will be free to every Xbox Live customer.”

Source [Geeky Gadgets]