7th December 2011

Neat Travel Charger Rolls Up For Easy Packing

One of the not so great things about travelling is what to do with all of those cables and having to keep untangling them all of the time too. However, with this interesting roll up charging device, it seems that is not a problem any longer! It comes in a nice classic looking case that stores away in a smart box for packing. There are four connectors so charging four devices on one hit is a handy feature for the business traveller as only one power point is required.

These are the specs for the very stylish Roll Up Travel Charger pack;

Compatible with iPhone® 3G, iPhone® 4, iPad® 1, iPad® 2, 1st to 5th generation iPods®, iPod nano®, iPod touch®

4 different connectors for various mobile devices (iPhone®, Mini USB, Micro USB, Samsung)

Can recharge all four devices simultaneously

Single power source

Glowing on/off light

Lightweight, compact and portable; perfect for travelling

AC adapter (included)


7½” x 10¾” x ¾”

Weight: approx. 7 oz.

Priced at $49 in the US and £32 in the UK

Source [Oh Gizmo]

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