Smartphone Remote Controlled Missile Launcher

When you hit one of those quieter times at work, this is usually when the fun and games start; office warfare can be a nightmare if you do on have the right weapons! That is where this missile launcher controlled by the iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad comes in, whoever has this at their command is going to win or make sure that office never starts in the first place!

These are the features and specs for the iLaunch Thunder Missile Launcher;

Controlled by iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad

For indoor and outdoor use

Battle with other iLaunch Thunder users, or just harass your co-workers single-handedly

Air powered pistons fire foam darts in succession, on an automatic rotation

Rechargeable lithium battery, charged via USB

Wirelessly controlled via Bluetooth

Use Touch-screen Control or G-Sensor Control

Dimension: 123 x 81 x 125mm (approx.)

Weight: 339g

Priced at $82 in the US and £52 in the UK

Source [Gizmodo]