The Make Wine Not War Chiller Cask

This is a recycled US Army ammunition case; it has been redesigned to hold a lovely three litre eco bag of either the Red 2007 Thurston’s Oasis Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, White 2010 Queen Coastal Chardonnay, or a Thrillist-exclusive 2008 Sonoma County Zin! Just out of interest, three litres of wine is around four bottles, so we are not talking cheap here, but then again you are getting a real cool wine case that can then be filled with whatever bag of wine takes your fancy!

These are just some of the details that outline this interesting way to serve wine;

the20’s portable stainless steel Chiller cask, an up-cycled US Army ammo case that’s been converted into basically the coolest box-of-wine in the history of boxes-of-wine. Start with the packaging: inside each Chiller is a refillable tri-laminate “eco-bag” filled with 3 litres (4 BOTTLES) of what your father used to call “daddy’s grape juice”, dispensed through a stainless steel European tap.

Prices start from $70 in the US or £45 in the UK

Source [Thrillist]