Get The Triggertrap Camera Device On Pre-order

This is a Kickstarter success story having managed to raise all of the funds needed to reach its target. The Triggertrap is a clever little thing that will help photographers to set up their equipment to react to sounds, movements or light. It has not been on the market before due to development and funding, but now it has reached the pre-order stages with delivery estimated for February 2012.

Triggertrap will support being triggered by:

LASER – someone breaks a laser-beam, the camera takes a picture.

SOUND – clap your hands, take a picture. Great for hands-free photography in the studio

TIME – Time lapse photography in the palm of your hand.

EVERYTHING – If the above options don’t float your boat, there’s an Aux port. If you can find a way of connecting it, you can use it to take photos. The possibilities are as exciting as they are endless.

Price from $75 (£50) to $125 (£80)

Source [Ubergizmo]