The £6m iPhone 4S Elite Gold

I do not know about anyone else, but if I drop my phone, it is as if the world has ended! So how can anyone carry around an iPhone 4S valued at around £6 ($9.5) million? Well there must be a market in these valuable goods as the jeweller behind this and many other high value products Stuart Hughes, is regularly coming with interesting ideas that involves, gold, diamonds and other expensive materials, how the 1% live!

These are some of the features found on the Apple iPhone 4S Elite Gold;

The bezel is handmade from rose with approx 500 individual flawless diamonds which total over 100ct.The rear section is formed using 24ct gold with the added touch of its 24ct gold Apple logo and 53 diamonds. The main navigation is made from gold, which holds a single cut 8.6ct diamond. In addition, included (not shown in picture) is a rare 7.4ct single cut Flawless pink diamond, which can replace the existing one.

Priced at £6 ($9.5) million

Source [Oh Gizmo]