8th December 2011

The Cool Iguana 2 For Land And Sea

Forget about docks and quays for this boat from Iguana Yachts will take you around a style and when it is time to leave the water its built caterpillar track will drive out of the sea to dry land, where is can be transported off or cleaned and stored.

These are the details for the IGUANA 2 from the IGUANA YACHTS press release;

The inspiration for this project came from Antoine Brugidou, between the bay of Mont St Michel and the south of Jersey, where the tide can go out for miles and where one has to navigate between sandbanks, rocks and currents.

The concept (which is subject to a word-wide patent) is based upon the integration of a caterpillar system within the hull without affecting its aesthetics, performance, or its seaworthiness.

Priced at around £190,000 in the UK and $297,000 in the US

Source [Iguana Yachts]

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