Abandoned Flash Drives Could Carry Malware

There are reports that an old style way of getting someone to load malware onto their computer is making a return! The idea is simple enough; you load a USB flash drive with your chosen software and drop it somewhere busy such as metro station. In time, someone will pick it up and just out of curiosity; they will plug it into the USB port of their computer, simple job done! The report on this by Sophos looked at fifty “Lost” USB flash drives and around thirty were infected with malware and that would have been bad news for the computer owner.

According to the security Sophos they said in a blog post;

“We found 62 infected files in total. The worst key contained six infected files, representing four separate items of malware,”

“We didn’t find any OS X malware. But nine of the keys appeared to belong to Macintosh owners (or at least had been used extensively on Macs); seven of these were infected.”

“In other words, if you’re a Windows user, don’t assume that you can automatically trust everything that comes from your Apple-loving friends. And even if you’re one of those Mac users who is opposed to the concept of anti-virus software, consider softening your stance as a service to the community as a whole.”

Source [Hot Hardware]