Amazon Launches Its Price Check iPhone App

Amazon have been leading online retailing for many years now and with the launch of the new Price Check app for the iPhone, but this offers more than just checking prices and a availability they want your business and are willing to put to go to any lengths to get it. The app works simply by capturing the barcode on the product; this brings up the details and prices. However, tomorrow 10th December they will also be offering US consumers a 5 per cent discount or $5 off, if they buy the checked item from Amazon!

These are the features for the Amazon Price Check app;

Ever wondered if you were getting the best price on a product when you were out shopping? With Price Check by Amazon, you can use your iPhone to compare prices instantly with and its merchants while on-the-go. Price Check enables you to search for Amazon products quickly using barcode, picture, voice, and text search, and access product descriptions and customer reviews to guide you in making informed purchase decisions. And to make in-store price comparison even better, we’re introducing a new price sharing feature that helps ensure our prices remain competitive for our customers.

This is a free download from the iTunes Store

Source [Gizmag]

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