Design Your Own XBOX 360 Controller Ring

How about this cool idea, these are rings based on the XBOX 360 Controller and pretty smart they are looking too! These are ideal for the gamer that just cannot switch off and simply has to have something geeky about their person, no matter how small or discreet it is!

These are the details for the XBOX 360 Controller Ring;

Play on the go – well at least you can pretend! Ring is made from polymer and comes on a silvertone adjustable ring base.

Create your own XBOX 360 ring! Choose from the following colours: White, Black, Pink, Blue, Red, Green and Halo Green

Be sure to include your colour choice with the order or you will receive the default colour, which is white. This ring is adjustable.

Priced at $10.00 in the US and £6.57 in the UK

Source [Slash Gear]