Is This The Coolest iPhone Speaker Ever?

Based on an old fashioned gramophone the Trumstand is something of a centrepiece for your home or office at almost two feet in height there is no overlooking this stylish design. Not only does this look cool, it is supposed to sound fantastic too, but then again if you are paying out £1,500 for an iPhone speaker your would be inclined to expect that wouldn’t you?

Here are the features and specs for the cool looking Trumstand;

These products are Silver (nickel plated) or Gold (powder coating)

The product is made to order and therefore could take up to 6 weeks for delivery, please contact us for a more accurate date if urgent

Product Features:

Solely built from metal

Trumstand has an S shape horn based on the fluid dynamics and unique metal craft techniques, turning your iPhone into a horn speaker system

The 0.5mm thickness horn speaker guarantees the best sound binging alive all the music stored in your iPhone

Material: Brass, Copper, Aluminium

Includes an idw manufacture certificate (2 year global warranty)

Replaceable rubber absorber fits any iPhone

Dimensions: Measures approximately 23.5cm (W) x 55.6cm (H) x 39.2cm (L) Weighs approximately 4.3kg

Priced at £1,500 in the UK and $2,355 in the US

Source [Firefox]